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"Useful, cheap, with a few frustrations"

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Photo Commander 7 is good value if bought at the very low prices they sometimes offer (tip: get an old version for free from the cover of a magazine, register it, then wait for the promotion deal to arrive in your mailbox). Being able to process a large number of files in a batch can save hours, for example when standardising the dimensions of all the images in a product catalog. Frustrations are the odd file saving logic, which will warn you that you a straightforward Save 'will overwrite a file that already exists!' and leaves the original in your window after you have done a Save as.. so you have to go and dig out the one you want to work on and are in danger of overwriting the original if you forget that. One-click optimisation is a great thing to have and the Ashampoo version does a good job. One other minor irritation: the dialog that pops up asking you 'What do you want to do?' doesn't include the new blank document possibility, so you have to pretend you want to do something else to get started. Minor, but better if different. Oh, and the batch processing allows more complex operations but doesn't seem to have a straightforward find/change?

I'm using it in preference to Photoshop Elements though...

  • Price if on offer, batch processing
  • Some annoying quirks, missing some basic features

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03 Apr 2009

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